The House of Crystal established in 1970, has epitomized its vision and value in the design, manufacture and export of Personal care products and is a Market leader in the Hair Care industry. The Crystal brand has established itself as the Universal favorite and as a brand leader globally with export of hair combs, brushes and hair accessories since the past 26 years to over 70 countries across the globe. Crystal has an unbroken record from 1991 to date of Awards conferred by the Government of India through the Ministry of Commerce’s industry sponsored body - Plexconcil for Highest Export and Export Excellence. Crystal Combs is a household name with its collection of hair combs and brushes with over 450 designs and products with over 90 color shades.

Crystal's retail line CHERRY is a premium range of personally crafted Hair Combs designed for Men and Women for Homecare and Professional use. Cherry offers two collections – the Handmade Collection and the Hand-Finished Collection. All Cherry Combs provide acupressure to the scalp and reduces hair breakage and is recommended for all hair type. Cherry also has a range of Wooden Combs made from high quality wood which reduces split ends, makes the hair softer and fuller and helps faster blood circulation in the scalp. With a range of over 100 products and Gift Packs, Cherry is an essential product on your dressing table.

Cherry Ladies Comb 989
Cherry Womens Comb 906
Cherry Womens Comb 988
Cherry Dressing Comb 913
Cherry Mens Comb 907
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