Laiseven inspired by aromatherapy helps you discover a world of sensations and fragrances that will turn your shower into a Spa. Laiseven offers the most adequate aromatic treatments for your needs in both body and hair care.

With a vast range of Shower Gels, Body Scrubs, Body Milk, Body Lotion, Body Oil, Deodorizing Hand Soap, Laiseven is the product for you. The Chocolate, Fresh Mint and Vanilla Shower Gel will take you in a different world of fragrance that will leave you amazed. Laiseven’s most popular men’s shampoo and shower gel, The Washer, for those who get dirty enough. The Washer believes that the shower is better the dirtier and exhausted you are. Available in four feels – Snow Effect, Adrenaline Effect, Surf Wave Effect and Goaaal Effect is the first only men’s combination product of Shampoo + Shower Gel.

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Laiseven Shower Gel Honey-750ml
Laiseven Shower Gel Olive-750ml
Laiseven Shower Gel Choclate-750ml
Laiseven Shower Gel Mint-Tea-750ml
Laiseven Shower Gel Citric Scrub-300ml
Laiseven Body Milk Sweet-400ml
Laiseven Body Milk Olive-401ml
Laiseven Body Milk Choclate-402ml
Laiseven Body Milk Vanilla-403ml
Laiseven Manrine Scrub-300ml
Washer Cool Snow Gel-600ml
Washer Goal Effect Gel + Shampoo-600ml
Washer Surf Wave Gel-600ml
Washer Adrenaline Gel + Shampoo-600ml
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