Nelly, one of the oldest Hair care companies from Valencia, Spain was founded with the aim of revolutionizing the use of Hair Spray for hair styling. For the past 60 years Nelly has been leading hairspray product on the market. Nelly is a household name in Spain and 40 other international markets for their easy to use and detailed products for all hair types. Nelly product line consists of Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Gels, Hair Wax , Hair Mousse , Hair Sprays , Hand Creams, Keratin Liquids, Two Phase Hair Conditioners to name a few.

Nelly was one of the first companies to introduce the world to Hair Mask, which is the ultimate hair care experience to nourish the hair and scalp just the way we do for our face. Nelly’s Thermal Heat Protector is one of the fastest selling product for its essential use on dry hair before using the Hair Iron/Straighter and on Wet Hair before using a blow dry. This product protects hair from breakage and damage due to heat. Nelly Hair Wax has been awarded for its innovating packing and rare combination of effective wax with a great fragrance.

The company is clearly committed to innovation, with its own R+D Department and Quality Department that operate in compliance to the strictest regulations and processes in place in the cosmetics industry. Nelly has now arrived in India to be a part of your hair care experience! For more information on the products please visit

Ultra Repardor( Extreem Repair) Shampoo-400ml
Liso Intenseo( Intense Straight)Shampoo-400ml
Rizos Definidos( Defined Curls)Shampoo-400ml
Nutricolor (Shampoo)-400ml
Nelly Conditioner Extreme Repair-400ml
Nelly Shampoo Normal-400ml
Nelly Shampoo Ultra Repair-400ml
Nelly Shampoo Pure-400ml
Nelly Shampoo Total Color-400ml
Hand Cream-100ml
Hair Conditioning Two Phases-400ml
Hair Conditioning Two Phases Curly Hair-400ml
Keratin Liquid-200ml
Nelly Heat Protection-200ml
Hair Spray Ecological-300ml
Nelly Mascarila Total Effect-300ml
Nelly Mascarila Ultra Repair-300ml
Nelly Mascarila Hydra Brillo-300ml
Nelly Capilari Mask Wheat-300ml
Nelly Capilari Mask Apple-300ml
Nelly Mousse Anti-Frizz Extra Volume-250ml
Nelly Mousse Anti-Frizz Extra Strong-75ml
Nelly Hair Spray Anti-Frizz Natural Volume-300ml
Nelly Aqua Styling Gel-200-ml
Nelly Smoothing Water Anti-Frizz-200ml
Wax Extreme Shine No 1 - Yellow-100ml
Wax Mild Reflection No 2 - Orange-100ml
Wax Wild Fix No 3 - Pink-100ml
Wax Matt Power No 4 - Purple-100ml
Nelly Gel Hair Up Extra Strong-200ml
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