Qiriness, a brand from Paris created with its unique Spa- at Home concept combines efficacy of actives with pleasure of use for a guaranteed optimal result. A spa experience is the alliance of unique know-how with professional treatments, all in an environment that inspires relaxation. Enjoy this sensorial experience by recreating all the benefits of a spa in the privacy of your home. Subtle scents, sensorial and innovative textures, feminine lines and pastel colors... everything reunited to relax your senses.

When living one’s life at 100 miles an hour, it is important to press 'pause', to take time off to resource, far away from the stress and tension of everyday life. The desire of Qiriness is to offer every woman a moment of escape, an interlude of well-being, by delivering with each Qiriness care a sensorial cocoon of softness and pleasure to unveil her beauty. Formulated and manufactured in Switzerland, Qiriness products are hypoallergenic and paraben-free. A guarantee of quality, the innovative textures and cocktail of natural plants and algae hold the secret to a healthy and radiant skin.

And as relaxed skin is an essential condition for a glowing complexion, Qiriness has perfected the exclusive E.O.S. complex (Energy, Oxygen and Serenity) : 5 actives that destress the skin, improving the assimilation of active ingredients in Qiriness treatment cares. The final touch for a perfect alliance between efficacy and pleasure! For more information to re-live a Spa experience at home please visit www.qiriness.com/en

Fluide Lacté Démaquillant Gentle Velvet Milky Cleanser-200ml
Mousse Nettoyante EclatRadiant Mousse Cleanser-125ml
Démaquillant Regard Velours Velvety Eye Make-Up Remover-125ml
Eau Micellaire FraîcheurFresh Micellar Water-200ml
Lotion Tonique ExquiseGold Softening Toning Lotion-200ml
Caresse Regard FuturAge-Defy Smoothing Eye Cream-15ml
Elixir Regard EclatRadiance Eye Contour Serum-15ml
Caresse Regard SublimeTotal Anti-Age Eye & Lip Cream-11ml
Voile Source d'EauMatifying Moisture Emulsion-50ml
Elixir Eclat Parfait Anti-Brown Spot & Anti-Redness Essence-30ml
Le Wrap Terre d'OrientThermal Purifying Mask-50ml
Le Wrap Temps SublimeYouth Revival Mask-50ml
Le Wrap Nutri-Repair Extreme Comfort Balm-75ml
Le Wrap Exfolys Radiant Enzymatic Buffing Cream-100ml
Le Wrap Temps Futur Youth Lifting Balm-50ml
Le Body Wrap Exfolys Bio-Activator Scrub-200ml
Le Body Wrap Hydra-Suprême Moisturizing Repair Balm-201ml
Le Body Wrap Nutri-Suprême Dry Oil for Body, Face & Hair-100ml
Le Body Wrap Relax-Suprême Aromatic Relaxing Massage Oil-100ml
Le Body Wrap Hydra-FraîcheurMoisturizing Sorbet Cream-200ml
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